Four Las Vegas Restaurants That Are Going To Be Great Stops

All of the lights in Vegas beckon your attention. You aren’t going to have any problem at all finding your fun. In fact, you won’t have a problem finding a good restaurant in Vegas either. You are likely to find a good one that is inside your hotel. Some of the best restaurants in Vegas are part of hotel resorts and casinos. However, there are thousands of restaurants in Vegas, and I want to give you some good picks to go on because it always pays to know where to eat.

In a city like Vegas, there are going to be restaurants of all types. This first establishment leaves out the glitz and glamour if you want a place that is more normal and that has less of a Vegas Strip appeal. Hot N Juicy Crawfish is on Spring Mountain Road. This place looks simple enough, but you’re talking about one of the best restaurants in the city. The Crawfish, Cajun fries and other seafood menu items must be quite a draw.

Capo’s Restaurant and Speakeasy is a place whose food pictures will make your jaw drop. I’m not sure I have ever seen a plate of lasagna that looks more authentic and mouth watering. Located on West Sahara Avenue, this establishment is all about Italian cuisine. If that’s what the lasagna looks like, I would be excited as all get out to order other dishes from this place, too. Take a look for yourself. I am seriously still getting over the picture of that lasagna.

Up next is Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, which is located on Las Vegas Boulevard South. This is your place to get New York style pizza in Vegas. Reviews mention all kinds of unique pizza selections, so you should be in for a treat. With the last place being an Italian restaurant, and this one being a pizza place, I will go in a different direction for the fourth pick.

This last pick sounds really cozy, and it is The Peppermint Mill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge. It is located on Las Vegas Boulevard South, so it is on the strip in case you were thinking it might be too far out of the way. The menu for the place appears to be rather eclectic. Reviews mention huge portions and signature burgers, just to give you a general idea. One of these four top Las Vegas restaurants should make a good pick for your next meal.